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Unbeatable Heavy Equipment Towing in Sacramento, CA

Transporting heavy equipment yourself is a bad idea.

First and foremost, it’s dangerous. You need the right training, tools and tow trucks to move heavy equipment safely — if you don’t secure your heavy-duty items properly you’ll put it, other drivers, your vehicle and yourself at risk while on the road.

Secondly, you might struggle to pinpoint Sacramento’s safest, fastest routes. And that only makes your journey harder than it has to be, causing major delays and confusion.

As any tow truck driver will tell you, towing heavy equipment from one site to another can be incredibly complex, especially when trying to navigate traffic, tight turns, and narrow roads. In-Depth knowledge of handling tow trucks, the local area, nearby shortcuts and congestion hotspots is critical.

Save yourself the risk. Save yourself the hassle.

Just call Pandora Towing to handle the heavy lifting instead.

24/7 Service from the Professionals

Pandora Towing works with a network of independent affiliates with the skills, trucks, and experience to deliver exceptional heavy equipment towing every single time. And what’s more, we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This is a huge advantage when you have a project running round the clock or need equipment moving in an emergency. Just pick up the phone and call Pandora Towing right now — we’ll do whatever we can to help.

Fast Responses from a Dedicated Team

The network of independent, licensed affiliates we work with is committed to responding to calls and completing jobs quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Pandora Towing’s affiliates have years of experience driving tow trucks across the Sacramento area. They know the best roads and the shortest routes from A to B — so you can expect a fast response wherever you are.

And that means you can stick to your schedule and focus on your own tasks while we transport your heavy equipment. Relax and enjoy total peace of mind knowing your property is in the safest hands.

Competitive Rates on All Heavy Equipment Towing

Pandora Towing aims to be your number one choice for every towing job. That’s why we offer the most competitive rates on all our heavy equipment towing services in Sacramento, catering to all budgets.

Our affiliates tow your large items using reliable, well-maintained trucks designed for maximum safety and security. They’ll take the time to check the equipment is set-up properly, secured to the vehicle and in its proper place before they start their engine.

We take great pride in making sure every customer is completely satisfied with our service. And rest assured: we’re honest and upfront with all of our pricing. There are never hidden charges to worry about.

Want to Arrange Your Heavy Equipment Towing Now?

Pandora Towing’s friendly team is here to take your call right now. We’ve helped countless customers across the Sacramento area transport their heavy equipment safely and on time. Just get in touch and we’ll get started.


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