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Expert Locksmith Key Extraction Services in Sacramento

Pandora Towing is a local Sacramento expert towing & roadside help services company. The company prides itself on providing a wide range of top quality, fast services to local drivers.

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Pandora Towing is at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We & the experts we work with know that car locksmith emergencies, such as car lockouts or broken ignition keys, can happen at any time, so we make sure that there is a team of expert locksmiths available around the clock to assist in such situations.

Pandora Towing also prides itself on providing quick solutions to all auto locksmith problems. The independent and licensed locksmiths we cooperate with do their best to reach customers as quickly as possible after they call.  We do try to reach calls as rapidly as humanly possible, but our times depend on the traffic in the area.

Pandora Towing offers highly affordable rates for all auto locksmith services. Before dispatching a locksmith you will receive a free quote for our services, so there are no unexpected surprises later.

Broken Ignition Key Extraction

With everyday use, car keys tend to wear down over time and this is usually unnoticeable to the car owner, until the inevitable happens and the key snaps in half.

Once a key is broken the driver has to get a locksmith to cut a new key, which can either be done in a shop or on site. If the key breaks when it is in the car’s ignition switch it is essential to call in an expert locksmith to extract the broken key and to cut a new key for the car.

The certified lock & key specialists have the expertise necessary to extract broken keys from the ignition switch without causing damage to the switch.  This is a very delicate procedure which entails using the correct tools. We suggest only allowing a licensed, experienced locksmith to remove a broken key from your car’s ignition switch.

Car keys are prone to wear and tear like most objects that are used everyday. To keep them in good condition we recommend paying attention to how you store them, as this may increase their lifecycle. Keep them in a separate pocket in your clothes or bag to prevent other objects rubbing on them and weakening them.

If you feel that your key is wearing down, we suggest having another key cut and using the new one, to prevent having the key break in the switch.

Pandora Towing’s Services

The company has made quite a name for itself, providing Sacramento drivers with a comprehensive range of premium towing and auto locksmith services, which includes:

  • Broken ignition key extraction
  • Car lockout solutions
  • Battery jumpstart
  • Dead battery replacement
  • Tire change
  • towing services (heavy and light towing solutions)
  • And more